Sustainability Pledge

Unlocking the Power of Clothing.
I believe we can turn the power of clothing into a force for good.
By designing, making, and selling good clothing, we can make the world a better place. Fighting against fast fashion giants that’s are polluters and exploiting working conditions and low-income workers.


First pledge:

All items “The Grandad Company” manufactures are recycled; not adding any more waste to the world. All fabrics which are mixed in with the vintage pieces are cellulosic, sustainable, or recycled. Off-cuts are considered at every stage of the design process, to ensure a closed-loop system. The scraps are used to make label ties or recycled and converted into energy.

Second pledge:

The most direct way we can limit ecological impacts is with goods that last for generations. Making the best product matters for saving the planet. The Grandad Company products rest on function, reparability, and, durability; items made to last.

Third pledge:

The Grandad Company will reduce waste through the Repair and Reuse Programme. Donate unwanted clothing and shoes or request a custom order to refresh your unwanted items. Don’t let your Grandad’s clothes go in the bin (or yours for that matter), please contact me with images of items you’d wish to donate. Will reduce prices on limited edition items for donators.

Fourth pledge:

The Grandad Company prints are produced exclusively with environmentally-friendly dyes. The UK supplier uses OEKO-TEX certified water-based inks which contain no harmful chemicals and print on the Cellulosic fabric they provide.

Fifth pledge:

All packaging is 100% recyclable and posted personally. The Grandad Company writes a personal message to all customers, each item comes with a fact about the year item was made.