About Us

Hand made in The Grandad Company’s London home Studio; The Grandad Company is a closed-loop street wear brand whose mission is to breathe life into reclaimed vintage menswear for a new unisex generation. An upcycling brand, with being environmentally conscious at its core.

Rooted in a love and admiration for grandads, founder and designer Jess Grech adopted her philosophy and core values from her stylish grandad. Spending a significant time as a child with him she became fascinated with his clothes – the quality, the texture and the age.

“With years of experience in the fashion industry I continue to always seek out the same aesthetic embedded in my grandad’s style. I produced this range by meticulously deconstructing original vintage items and reworking the materials into unique and ethical garments. Rejecting fast fashion by creating high-quality, long-lasting products that are fully circular, offers a repair and reuse programme to push a sustainable lifestyle. Caring about this creative subject not only enthuses me to independently manufacture and convert garments in my studio but continually intrigues curiosity regarding the process, history, environmental issues. I am proud to break down boundaries as items that were originally old menswear, can now be adapted so that anyone can wear it.”

The Granddad Company set of values follow the 5 C’s- Care, Conscious, Convert, Create, Current.